Lessons from a Dog Owner (2)


Part II: The Seizure Scare

It was a hot summer day, much like every other day in July and my sister had taken Timmy for a walk to the park. He loves to run around like a crazy animal, sniff and occasionally eat the grass and chase around a squirrel or two. They came home after about an hour. Timmy had his tongue hanging out of his mouth. He was panting and thirsty. He took a few big gulps of water and plopped onto his cushion for an afternoon nap. A couple of hours later he woke up. He tried to stand up, but to our complete horror, he couldn’t support his weight. He was lethargic and weak, and his legs kept collapsing. We gently pressed on his legs to make sure nothing was broken, but at this point, we knew that something was VERY wrong. The first thing that came to mind was that he was having a seizure.  Continue reading “Lessons from a Dog Owner (2)”


Lessons from a Dog Owner (1)


I want to take this post to talk a little about my experience with my dog, Timmy in the hopes that it might help you on your journey with your pup. Now almost six years old, we have undergone our fair share of funny and scary moments.

The following is part one of a three-part series of some of my experiences with Timmy and what they taught me about being a pet owner.  Continue reading “Lessons from a Dog Owner (1)”

The Benefits of Owning a Pet


Pet ownership is one of the most rewarding things a person can experience. Their big eyes and even bigger hearts make them impossible not to love. These balls of fur have a way of making even the worst situations just a little bit better. Not only are they cute and lovable, they also have an uncanny way of knowing when their humans are sad, anxious, or upset and can even detect cancer cells!  Continue reading “The Benefits of Owning a Pet”

10 Things to look for in a Breeder

So you’re looking for your new, furry best friend and I still haven’t convinced you that adopting is the way to go… OR maybe you looked in your local shelters and weren’t able to find a pup that would be a good fit for your household. Before looking for a breeder be sure to read these useful tips on what to look for in a responsible, ethical breeder who breeds healthy, well-tempered puppies.  Continue reading “10 Things to look for in a Breeder”

Bandit: The Foster Puppy



Meet Bandit! Isn’t he adorable!? This handsome little guy came into our lives just a few weeks ago and he is part of The Lions Foundation of Canada Dog Guides program.

Bandit is one of the lucky pups who has been chosen for the incredibly noble task of being a guide dog. He is a Borador-half Border Collie, half Labrador mix. He is three months old, full of energy and more than eager to please! Over the course of 18 months he will be trained and socialized. We will inevitably fall in love with him and letting go will be a difficult task. However, we know that he will be going to someone who needs him more!  Continue reading “Bandit: The Foster Puppy”

Why Adopt?

So you’ve done a lot of thinking and you’ve decided that the time has come to welcome a new member (of the furry variety) into your family. That was the easy part… now you have to decide which breed best compliments your household dynamic. Before running off to the local pet store or breeder, have you considered adopting? Continue reading “Why Adopt?”

Chronicles of a Dog Lover


A bit about me…

Hi all, my name is Emilia and I am a student currently living in Toronto.

Among my many passions in life, such as travelling, reading, learning, drinking coffee and Netflix, (of course) I am somewhat obsessed with dogs. Their innocent little faces coupled with their unique personalities melt my heart.  Continue reading “Chronicles of a Dog Lover”