Eight Ways to Make your Dog Feel Safe


We all love our dogs and want to ensure that we care for them the best we can. Dogs can be sensitive to different environmental changes and can feel anxious when they haven’t been properly adapted to their surroundings. I’m going to take this opportunity to share with you a curated list of the top 10 ways to make your pup feel safe. Continue reading “Eight Ways to Make your Dog Feel Safe”


The Benefits of Owning a Pet


Pet ownership is one of the most rewarding things a person can experience. Their big eyes and even bigger hearts make them impossible not to love. These balls of fur have a way of making even the worst situations just a little bit better. Not only are they cute and lovable, they also have an uncanny way of knowing when their humans are sad, anxious, or upset and can even detect cancer cells!  Continue reading “The Benefits of Owning a Pet”

10 Things to look for in a Breeder

So you’re looking for your new, furry best friend and I still haven’t convinced you that adopting is the way to go… OR maybe you looked in your local shelters and weren’t able to find a pup that would be a good fit for your household. Before looking for a breeder be sure to read these useful tips on what to look for in a responsible, ethical breeder who breeds healthy, well-tempered puppies.  Continue reading “10 Things to look for in a Breeder”

5 Most Common Shelter Dogs


Ever wonder why certain breeds of dogs are more commonly found at animal shelters than others and why that is? Are they more aggressive? Harder to train? More often than not, these four-legged fur balls are misunderstood and fall victim to an unregulated business that allows for overbreeding and gross mistreatment of these innocent creatures. Given the right home, these dogs would make wonderful, loving companions, eager to provide a lifetime of happiness.

Continue reading “5 Most Common Shelter Dogs”

Bandit: The Foster Puppy



Meet Bandit! Isn’t he adorable!? This handsome little guy came into our lives just a few weeks ago and he is part of The Lions Foundation of Canada Dog Guides program.

Bandit is one of the lucky pups who has been chosen for the incredibly noble task of being a guide dog. He is a Borador-half Border Collie, half Labrador mix. He is three months old, full of energy and more than eager to please! Over the course of 18 months he will be trained and socialized. We will inevitably fall in love with him and letting go will be a difficult task. However, we know that he will be going to someone who needs him more!  Continue reading “Bandit: The Foster Puppy”

What is the Cost of Owning a Dog?


So you’re dead set on getting a dog. You’ve been saving for years, you’ve done a ton of research on the breed of dog you want and how much it will cost to buy the dog. BUT have you considered the long term costs? Initial costs, annual veterinary bills, grooming, food, accessories, dog training classes…? The list can be quite lengthy and depending on the breed you choose to get, there can be other medical issues such as hip dysplasia which is common in bigger dogs, tumors, skin conditions, etc. While it’s hard to prepare for every possible ailment, there are monthly and annual costs that you CAN plan for. Below is a list comprised with the help of “MoneyUnder30.com.”  Continue reading “What is the Cost of Owning a Dog?”