How Dog Ownership has Changed me


This sassy little guy has changed my life in more ways than I ever thought possible. I knew I always wanted a dog, but I couldn’t have anticipated how much joy and happiness this small bundle of fluff could bring me. Remember when you were a kid and you asked your parents for a dog and their famous excuse was always, “a dog is a lot of responsibility…”? Well, they were right. But also wrong at the same time. While dogs are undoubtedly a lot of responsibility, this isn’t a good enough excuse for why a child should not be allowed to have a dog or any pet for that matter. In addition to providing emotional and social support, these furry companions also give us someone to care for, which teaches us how to be responsible and love unconditionally. 

tim 2

(How can you NOT love that squishy little face???)

Having a dog not only made me have a deeper appreciation for them, but for animals in general. I became an advocate for the rights and needs of these beloved creatures and more aware of the injustices that befall them. This is in part why I started this blog, I wanted to educate others on how to make better choices when it comes to dog ownership. In my quest to educate myself on the fate that many dogs face, I also became more socially aware of the injustices that many animals face.

While I can’t say that I’m a vegetarian or vegan, by any means, I am making a greater effort to educate myself before buying certain products to ensure that they are not tested on animals before hitting the market. For example, to my horror, I’ve learned that beagles are commonly used by certain brands for cosmological testing. I know… depressing. These are topics that are often neglected because it’s easier to simply ignore the injustices that happen in this world instead of taking a good hard look at the facts. However, I digress. The point of this rant is this, read the label before you buy the product. If it says “dermatologically tested” DON’T buy it. Instead, check out some animal-friendly brands. Also, if you’re looking for a real tear jerker, check out the video below of lab beagles being released for the first time in their lives, maybe you’ll think twice next time you’re at the drugstore.

I’m sure at this point some of you are sitting there thinking, “I thought the point of this post was to tell us how dog ownership has changed her. The only thing she’s succeeded in actually doing is depressing us.” I know, I know, this post took a bit of a dark turn. But the point is that this is exactly how having a dog has changed me, it has taught me to be a compassionate person and to fight for the rights of these beautiful, defenseless creatures who are full of love and deserve to be properly cared for.

How has dog ownership changed you? Share in the comments below!


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