Top 5 Pet Instagram Accounts to Follow


With all the dog pages out there and accounts, I thought I would take this opportunity to share my top five favourite dog Instagram accounts. 

1. fluffy.duo

fluffy duo

   Courtesy of: The Fluffy Duo 

This adorable duo, made up of Zen, the fluffy pomeranian and Hoshi, the adorable blind eskie are one of the cutest pairs on Instagram. Being that Hoshi is blind, the two wear a leash that link them together so that Zen can lead his friend on their many adventures. Their Instagram page is filled this sweet pair traveling around their hometown and to many different locations around the world. These pups were adopted by their owners and are leading a life nothing short of fulfilling. Their parents treat them with all the care and attention in the world and use their page as a way of educating others on the importance of adopting and giving every dog, regardless of the challenges they may face, an opportunity to live a full and happy life, filled with love.

2.  harlowandsage

halow and sage

Courtesy of: harlowandsage

This trio, consisting of two dachshund’s, Sage and Indiana, and a weimaraner, Harlow are an inseparable group of friends that are simply adorable. These dogs always look so content being together and are often seen to be smiling. The account features the three dogs and their adventures. Some of the content is hilarious, but most of it, like the image pictured above, will make you go, “AWWWW!” Regardless, this goofy trio is sure to keep you entertained for hours.

3. itsdougthepug


Courtesy of: itsdougthepug

Now if you haven’t heard of this goofball pug known as, “Doug the Pug,” you are missing out! This cool dude is always captured doing something goofy and amusing and is sure to give you a good laugh.  Even more fascinating, his owner has made a full-time career out of the brand that Doug the pug has become. With over two million followers, this dog has become an online sensation.

4. The Dogist

the dogist

Courtesy of: The Dogist

This Instagram account is based in New York City and seeks to photograph different dogs and get their backstory. Think of it as the dog version of “Humans of New York.” The people who run this account walk around the city taking pictures of any dog they see and ask the owner for a short, fun fact about the pup. These descriptions help to highlight the dogs cute or funny personality traits. I’m the first to admit that I’ve spent one too many hours on this account scrolling through the hundreds of cute dogs.

5. mommasgonecity


Courtesy of: Mommasgonecity

Last but certainly not least, is an account that features an adopted rescue dog, Theo and his adorable family. The account originally started with the account’s creator, Jessica Shyba taking pictures of the pup and her third born, Beau taking naps together. These pictures took on a life of their own and were eventually turned into a children’s book called, “Nap Time with Theo and Beau.” Two more children later, Evie and Demi, and Theo is a veteran napping buddy. These adorable sleeping friends will have you saying “AWWW” in no time!

I hope you enjoyed my top list of pup related Instagram accounts to surf through! Leave a comment with your favourties!


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