5 Most Common Shelter Dogs


Ever wonder why certain breeds of dogs are more commonly found at animal shelters than others and why that is? Are they more aggressive? Harder to train? More often than not, these four-legged fur balls are misunderstood and fall victim to an unregulated business that allows for overbreeding and gross mistreatment of these innocent creatures. Given the right home, these dogs would make wonderful, loving companions, eager to provide a lifetime of happiness.

Below is a list of some of the most common dog breeds found in shelters.

1. Labrador Retriever


Surprising isn’t? When thinking of these beautiful, medium sized dogs the words that come to mind often include, “loyal,” “friendly,” “smart,” and “family dog.” It comes as no surprise then that they are the most popular breed of dog in the United States. Consequently, immoral breeders (also known as puppy mills) produce these puppies in large quantities for money and don’t screen who the dogs go to. This results in puppies going to people who are not necessarily prepared or equipped to care for a dog that requires plenty of exercise and attention and grows to a be a fairly big dog.

2. Chihuahua 


What comes to mind when thinking of these pint-sized cuties? Well, beyond being cute and small, they can be a teeny bit “yappy.” However, this is not entirely their fault. Most of the time these popular dogs are often raised without any training, resulting in them turning into obnoxious, uncontrollable adults that their owners give up on.

3. Boxer 


These goofy, playful dogs are a favourite among many. However, they are also high energy pups that require a lot of exercise in order to not become destructive. Many people don’t have the necessary time or patience needed to train these dogs and end up sending them to shelters.

4. German Shepherd 


This king of the dog world is beloved for his rustic looks and sturdy build. These dogs are known for being highly intelligent and make up various police forces because of their ability to search for missing persons and sniff out drugs. Their popularity has led to uncontrolled and irresponsible breeding, which has resulted in health problems and dogs with poor temperaments.

5. Beagles


These adorable dogs are known for their cute faces and long floppy ears. What many people don’t realize is that they are a type of hound and are prone to barking and howling. They are stubborn and require patient, creative training techniques. Beagles are bred to follow their nose and are happiest when out and about. As such, they don’t do well when kept inside all day without adequate exercise. The result? Unhappy dogs and equally unhappy owners who end up sending their pups to the pound.

Concluding Thoughts

Though these breeds may come with their own set of challenges, remember that a little bit of love and patience can go a long way. These pups simply want to be understood and crave to be members of an accepting family. Be a responsible dog owner. Do your research and open your heart to a dog that needs a home. Often adopting is much cheaper than buying and the money you save can go towards training and caring for your new best friend!

And if I still haven’t convinced you on adopting, join me next time for what to look for when buying a puppy from a breeder.


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