What is the Cost of Owning a Dog?


So you’re dead set on getting a dog. You’ve been saving for years, you’ve done a ton of research on the breed of dog you want and how much it will cost to buy the dog. BUT have you considered the long term costs? Initial costs, annual veterinary bills, grooming, food, accessories, dog training classes…? The list can be quite lengthy and depending on the breed you choose to get, there can be other medical issues such as hip dysplasia which is common in bigger dogs, tumors, skin conditions, etc. While it’s hard to prepare for every possible ailment, there are monthly and annual costs that you CAN plan for. Below is a list comprised with the help of “MoneyUnder30.com.” 

One-time dog expenses

  • Spaying or Neutering: $200-$300
  • Initial Medical Exam: $70-$100
  • Collar or Leash: $30 (you might need to buy another one depending on how big your dog grows)
  • Crate: $95-$200 (depending on the size of your dog)
  • Carrying Crate: $60-$100
  • Dog Training Classes: $110-$200 (depending on service used)

Total one-time costs: $565-$930 

Annual dog expenses 

  • Food: $120-$500 (depends heavily on breed/size of dog and the brand of food)
  • Annual Medical Exams: $235
  • Toys and Treats: $55
  • Licensing Fees: $60 (in the city of Toronto)
  • Health Insurance: $225 (good thing to consider if your dog is prone to having chronic health ailments)
  • Miscellaneous: $45

Total Annual Costs: $695-$1120 

Add all of those costs together over the course of a dogs lifetime which can range from 12-18 years, and you’re looking at an average of $10,890-$16,335! That is a huge investment!

For a more comprehensive list check out Petfinder’s list.

If you have anything to add be sure to leave a comment!


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