Weekly Animal Shelter Feature: Ryder

Meet Ryder!

This handsome Labrador/Golden Retriever mix pup is available for adoption at the Etobicoke Humane Society.  Ryder is just a little over two years old and is looking for his forever home!

One of the reasons why I LOVE the Etobicoke Humane Society is because of the great job they do describing the animal. Instead of simply having a list, they write a small blurb about the dog, cat, rabbit, etc. from his or her own voice.

Here’s a little bit about Ryder (in his own words!)…

“I am house-trained, gentle and playful with other dogs and love to hug people once I know they’re cool. I walk well on leash, and enjoy playing fetch. I am a very smart guy as I have quickly learned many things during my time at EHS. I also believe that people’s laps are more comfortable for sitting than furniture!”

Pretty cute isn’t he?!

Now before deciding whether or not Ryder is the right fit for your home, lets learn a little bit about the breeds that make up this adorable mixed pup.

About Labradors:

  •  Large, full of life and very enthusiastic.
  • Short coat that is easy to care for but also sheds.
  • Loves to exercise and participate in athletic activities.
  • Mild, easy going temperament.
  • Gets along with other animals and kids.
  • Responsive to training and eager to please.

About Golden Retrievers: 

  • Large and athletic.
  • Long, shaggy coat that sheds.
  • Cheerful, happy disposition.
  • Good with children and other animals.
  • Responsive to training and eager to please.

As you can see, the descriptions of each breed are basically identical. So with Ryder you’re getting a super sweet, fun loving, energetic dog who needs lots of exercise to stay healthy. He also needs to be groomed on a regular basis to prevent excessive shedding and is a great fit for any family with additional pets and children.

Here is some more information on how you can adopt Ryder from the Etobicoke Humane Society.

And here is some additional information on Labradors and Golden Retrievers.

Tune in next time for my post on “The cost of owning a dog.”


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