Why Adopt?

So you’ve done a lot of thinking and you’ve decided that the time has come to welcome a new member (of the furry variety) into your family. That was the easy part… now you have to decide which breed best compliments your household dynamic. Before running off to the local pet store or breeder, have you considered adopting?

I know what you’re thinking… “yea, sure, I’ve thought about it, but I want a puppy and a lot of dogs in shelters are older.” While this is true, let me take the next couple hundred words to convince you of why adopting a slightly older dog might be the best decision you’ve ever made!

Below is a top five list of why you should adopt, taken from The Human Society of the United States and PETA:

(1) Because you’ll save a life! 

Every year over 2.9 million cats and dogs are euthanized in shelters because they simply don’t have the resources to care for them. This figure could be dramatically reduced if more people simply considered adopting their new friend instead of turning to a breeder.

By adopting you’re not only giving welcoming a great dog into your home, you’re also freeing up a spot for another animal that might be desperately in need of your help. It’s a WIN WIN!

(2) Because it’ll cost you less! 

That’s right! Most of the time shelter dogs come with all their vaccines and are spayed/neutered (a procedure that can otherwise end up costing you a couple hundred dollars). All you have to do is pay an adoption fee which is often a small fraction of the cost that you would pay to buy a puppy from a breeder.

Speaking about cost… you’ll save a ton on puppy training classes! Most shelter dogs are housebroken and already trained. Your shoes and carpets will thank you. Not to mention your sleep schedule! Puppies need the equivalent attention of a newborn human baby. That means 2 a.m. wake up calls… and who wants that?!?

(3) Because you’re fighting puppy mills! 

Puppy mills are “factory-style breeding facilities” that are solely concerned with making a profit. Female dogs used for breeding are kept in cages all day and spend their entire lives either pregnant or nursing puppies. This results in a life of suffering and neglect. Not to mention that puppies often end up with defects due to the high levels of interbreeding. If you get your dog from a pet store or classified ads, it was most likely bred at a puppy mill.

(4) Because you’ll get a great dog! 

Animal shelters and rescue groups are full of happy, healthy dogs that are simply waiting to find a great home! Most of the time dogs are given up because of a human problem, such as a move or divorce, not because they are in any way ‘bad’ or undeserving of love.

(5) Because you’ll feel awesome about it! 

How great would it be to have an amazing, new furry friend and know that you gave a dog a second chance at life!? Not to mention all the new Instagram followers you’ll get from all those super cute selfies you take with your new best friend!

Still don’t believe me when I say that adoption is the way to go? Check out @mommasgonecity on Instagram for ADORABLE pictures of her babies taking daily naps with their adopted doggy pal!

Tune in next time for my weekly animal shelter feature!


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