Chronicles of a Dog Lover


A bit about me…

Hi all, my name is Emilia and I am a student currently living in Toronto.

Among my many passions in life, such as travelling, reading, learning, drinking coffee and Netflix, (of course) I am somewhat obsessed with dogs. Their innocent little faces coupled with their unique personalities melt my heart. 

For as long as I can remember, I BEGGED my parents for a cute little fluff ball to call my own. My parents of course gave me the script heard time and time again by heartbroken children everywhere…  “It’s too much work,” It’s too expensive,” You don’t know how to look after a dog,” “Maybe one day.” The most they ever settled for was a bunny. Which to my nine year old self was a somewhat acceptable alternative.

Goldie, named for her golden like fur, (I know, so creative!) was treated much like a dog. I bought her a leash, took her for walks around the block and spent countless hours chasing her around the yard.

How Timmy came into my life…

However, my dreams of owning a dog were not forgotten and one day, quite unexpectedly, they finally came true! I had just arrived home after a long day at school. To my surprise, a tiny four legged creature came marching up to me. In my state of complete shock I bent down and scooped up the little guy. It was a Pug puppy!!!!!! And the tag on his collar revealed that his name was Timmy (that’s him, pictured above).

Long story short, a family friend bought little Timmy with the intention of keeping him but due to some unforeseen circumstances was unable to care for him. He was EXTREMELY hard to potty train. Something that I later discovered was a common trait of the pug breed.

The dog epidemic…

All of this is to say that these adorable furry creatures who have gained the title of “man’s best friend,” are proud members of many families. Mankind’s obsession with everything cute, fluffy, and cuddly has lead to a widely unregulated business of breeding and selling these creatures across the world.

What we end up with is over breeding and female dogs that are poorly treated and forced to breed their entire lives without proper care. OR families who think they’re ready to welcome a dog into their lives but soon find out that they aren’t prepared.

Being a responsible dog owner…

How do we fix this? The first step is EDUCATION. Welcoming a dog into your life is more than just falling in love with that cute face. It involves doing plenty of research beforehand regarding the most suitable breed that best compliments your family’s lifestyle, size of house, available yard space, time, etc. As well as the costs associated with caring for and raising a dog.

Most important is figuring out where to purchase your dog. This blog’s main focus will be on dog rescue and shelters, which are often overlooked when it comes to searching for your newest family member. However, for those of you who are keen on getting a puppy from a breeder I’ll also have a post on the kind of research you should do to ensure that you’re little guy (or gal) isn’t coming from a puppy mill. I’ll also be sure to treat you to some of my own experiences with my furry friend!

If you have any particular questions, or simply want to share some of your experiences and knowledge be sure to post them in the comment section!


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